Éléments pour une poétique du voisinage. D’après le film God Man Dog de Singing Chen

Revue Croisements, n° 4, Paris, pp. 262-275.


The aim of this paper is to characterize the current poetics of a global sense of neighborhood. Using Peter Sloderdijk’s analysis of globalization, which corresponds to the great modern period of discovery, as a starting point, from an aesthetics perspective, it is possible to find signs of what would be a new poetics – a poetics of neighborhood (or coexistence) which is something other than the more familiar poetics of travelling. To do so, we will focus on the Taiwanese movie God Man Dog (2007), directed by Singing Chen, in order to shed light on new forms of narration which have evolved in parallel with contemporary changes and allow us to be more sensitive to the new modes of cohabitation in which we are increasingly involved.