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Chronotopic exploration of a Parisian landscape

2015 |In P. Laudati, K. Zreik (dir.), City temporalities | Paris |Europia | pp. 99-108

Even if already present in urban disciplines, spatiotemporal approaches to the analysis of places and inhabited spaces have been explicitly developed only since the 1970s. The term chronotope, deriving from theories of the novel (Bakhtine, 1978), was imported into urbanism in the 1990s as a notion useful for exploring the articulation between space and time. The research project “Chronotopic exploration of a Parisian landscape”, conducted as part of the Paris 2030 programme,1 seeks to clarify this notion by exploring its genealogy in different disciplines as well as in our previous researches. The exploration of a “slice” of Paris will allow us to redefine this notion in a specific context, in an attempt to answer the following question : How is the experience of time shaped in a city like Paris ?