Projet scientifique
Axe 2 : Justice et inégalités (2016-2024)

The representation of the spontaneous occupations : a study of words and images

21-23 July 2016

Lieu : Mexico City.
Horaires : 21-23 July 2016.
Organisateurs : RC21 International Conference. “The transgressive city : Comparative perspectives on governance and the possibilities of
everyday life in the emerging global city”
Référence HAL-SHS :


Bidonville, slum, favélas, ranchos, and any name given to a spontaneous occupation are all considered synonyms and a same type of urban tissue. Depending on language, these
occupations get different names around the world. However, in our imaginations their appearance are all the same. The truth is there are significant differences between all of these in the way they are presented, portrayed, and targeted on the Internet. Not all
spontaneous occupations are the same, and not all spontaneous occupations are given the same type of attention from different audiences. Some spontaneous occupations are acclaimed and some are not. Some are even given high recognition, while other similar structures are merely ignored. There is a contradiction : there is a rejection for the local spontaneous occupation while there is a fascination for the foreign spontaneous occupation.
I aim to create a visual analysis to illustrate (to literally create a visual representation of) our contradictory reality. Upon facing the visual representation, the analysis will inevitably encourage us to inquire and evaluate the positive and negative possibilities the spontaneous cities offer for public policies. I will develop a corpus of images that will result from the use of an internet search engine. These words will come from the group of words that name different occupations around the world, and that are generally understood as synonyms. I want to understand better what -and which spontaneous housing