Social recompositions of Mass Housing European Stories

Lieu : ENSAPVS - Salle d’expérimentation
Date : 26/27 Juin 2023
Horaires : 09h00 - 17h00
Organised by : Ahmed BENBERNOU, Yankel FIJALKOW, Bernard HAUMONT, Yaneira WILSON (CRH-LAVUE ) and Gaia CARAMELLINO, Nicole DE TOGNI (Politecnico di Milano).
Title COST : Action European Middle Class Mass Housing - MCMH-EU

In this seminar, the COST Action program « Middle Class Mass Housing » focus on the middle class and its rather difficult definition, given the diversity of what is meant by the notion of middle class in different countries, depending on their history, political tradition and integration into the market economy.
We propose to consider the population changes that have taken place in the large housing estates since their construction and the ways in which they have been the subject of demographic, political, managerial, urbanistic, architectural, photographic, novelistic and poetic narratives.

With a multidisciplinary reflection, we propose to look at the different narratives that are grafted onto the initial project of the neighborhoods and stratified around its constructions and its multiple images and representations. We will examine the representations of these populations in renovation and rehabilitation upgrading projects and during long-term processes.

In comparing the narratives of different European countries, this seminar finally intends to show how the notion of middle classes, within the CA MCMH-EU, is linked to that of social and spatial change.

This seminar is a continuation of the COST Action 18137 MCMH-EU / CRH seminars held in Paris in 2021 (« History, memories and urban strategies ») and 2022 (« Evolution of collective spaces in Mass housing »).

Organisé par le CRH (Ahmed BENBERNOU, Fijalkow Yankel , Bernard HAUMONT, Yaneira Wilson) en coopération avec le département en architecture et études urbaines du Politecnico de Milan (Gaia Caramellino, Nicole DE TOGNI) et en partenariat avec le COST Action European Middle Class Mass Housing - MCMH-EU