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Axe 5 : Interfaces et nouvelles dynamiques d’urbanisation (2016-2018)

Environmental Panarchy. Process of Inclusive Landscape Planning

Type de publication : Communications avec actes

Publication from the International Symposium « Landscape and Imagination. Towards a new baseline for education in a changing world », 2-4 May, Paris, UNISCAPE, Florence / Bandecchi & Vivaldi, Pontedera, pp.671-676 ;

Challenged by the modern territorialization, the linkage consolidating civil societies had known in the 20th century such alteration that today a question about their foundation arises. Particularly in the countries where the exploitation of landscape took precedence over its comprehension, addressing an environmental justice with ecological ethics stimulates the societies to think newly the use of spaces. Today the re-appropriation through the education on the environmental construction process of landscape by people conscious of these abuses allows recreating the social links. This is what we observe as analysing the reasons and projects of Design Community led by a Japanese landscape architectural team, studio L.

Keywords :
Just sustainability - Environmental Education - Panarchy- Collaborative Planning - Resilience – Japan - Ethnomethodology

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Axe 5 : Interfaces et nouvelles dynamiques d’urbanisation (2016-2018 )